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Micro Shield offers professional office disinfection services and decontamination services to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at work. We cover the full of Scotland and offer a quick and hassle free solution for commercial disinfection and decontamination.

Call Centre Covid Decontamination Services Scotland

Controlling the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is essential to your premises being able to open and remain open.

Our COVID-19 fogging service is certified, reliable, and suitable for both prevention and treating coronavirus outbreaks in all environments, including offices and workplaces, leisure and retail premises, childcare facilities, gyms and sports facilities.

For superior coverage and greater protection, we use professional electrostatic Sprayers equipped with 360 wrap-around technology to eliminate viruses and harmful bacteria across hard and soft surfaces.  Once applied, our long lasting, environmentally friendly product offers protection for up to 14 days.

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Call Centre Covid Commercial Decontamination 

We use the latest technology to disinfect all surfaces in commercial premises. Our  sanitisation service reduces cross contamination and the spread of infection, creating cleaner, healthier environments, ultimately reducing the costs & risks associated with Coronavirus outbreaks.

This is achieved by the electrostatic application of a long lasting disinfectant shield – the residual effect of which kills bacteria and viruses for weeks after application, overcoming the problem of recontamination. Treated surfaces can be wiped down without removing the germ killing effects.

The electrostatic application ensures superior coverage, sanitising the high touch point surfaces not possible to cover with manual cleaning.

It takes only minutes to treat a room and treated spaces can be reused immediately ensuring little or no disruption to your business.

Our process is safe for humans and the environment.

Offices can be particularly susceptible to the spread of infectious disease due to the high volume of people that can often occupy office space. That, combined with the close proximity of the employees can lead to a human-to-human transmission with relative ease. An infected individual can rapidly contaminate a vast area of office space with just a few hours of entering it. This infected person may have come into contact with many different surfaces, such as doors, desks, handrails, and other welfare

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As landlords ourselves, we recognise the benefits of using a one stop shop to arrange all our required safety checks. We know how difficult it can be to arrange access for multiple tradesmen, and the disruption it can cause to tenants.That’s why we work with Gas Safe registered gas engineers and Select registered electricians who carry out work on our own properties to offer the full range of landlord compliance services to our clients.

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