Event Space Montgomery Tx

Event Space Montgomery Tx

Planning a wedding is stressful whether you want a small backyard event or jet of the entire family to an exotic beach. There are many budgets, organizational, and time issues you must factor in to ensure the wedding event stays within the draft. Planning a wedding in a chapel with the help of pre-planned wedding packages is one of the ways you can abide by your vision and budget. Here are essential facts about our event space in Montgomery, TX, and how you can plan for the biggest benefits.

Most necessary details to know about our Montgomery TX event space

Photography freedom

It is essential to be acutely aware of the rules surrounding photography when you hire party venues in Montgomery, TX. Most people know that churches have stringent photography rules and communicate with the management before hosting the wedding event. Our event space is not the typical chapel venue; hence you do not have restrictions on how and where you take the photos. You have all the freedom to take photos as you please and commemorate the most important date of your life, with beautiful pictures.

Allowable music

Often, religious wedding venues are keen on the music one plays in their space. It is wrong to play the most polite yet secular music at a church wedding. The Carriage House does not care what kind of music you play at your wedding. It is a good idea to note that we host and plan luxurious weddings and can help you set up tasteful and loveable entertainment event venues in Montgomery, Texas.

Décor creativity

Typically, people have an idea of what kind of décor they want in their wedding venue. They also know which direction they prefer traffic to flow and the best place to sit older, young, and special guests. We allow clients to be meticulous with these ideas and avail our team to give you a tour around the venue at your most opportune time.

You may want to communicate other details like the availability of wedding vendors in advance to have a more inclusive plan. The event planner in Montgomery is not particular about the kind of décor you choose but will offer services to ensure exquisite aesthetics.

Wedding planning during holidays

You do not want to set a wedding date and send out invites before checking to see whether it will be a holiday. It is worth noting that our Montgomery TX event venues are available on holidays but may have slightly higher fees. Therefore, you can plan your wedding on New Year’s Eve or another important holiday, but you have to cater to the availability of staff and services.

Availability of staff

Religious chapels require couples to have an entire team of florists, musicians, coordinators and caterers, and vendors.

The Carriage House is private barn property that hosts fun weddings and takes out the stress in the planning. We are aware that couples have to juggle a lot if they plan their event, hence take on the role of the holistic wedding planner and shape everything to your preference. Schedule a free tour today to see if our venue is right for your big day.

Event Space Montgomery Tx

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Event Space Montgomery Tx

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