Houses For Sale North Haven Ct

Houses For Sale North Haven Ct

How To Inspect Houses For Sale In North Haven, CT Before Buying Them

Don’t get carried away by the décor of a house before buying it; there is more to the house than just how you hate or love the interior of the house. Before you buy houses for sale in North Haven, CT, make sure you take a proper look at the entire building and take your time to look at things such as the bathroom or the layout of the kitchen.

If you really love the house and want to purchase it, it pays to inspect the house thoroughly, and a couple of maintenance checks can most often make the difference between moving into a very expensive nightmare and buying your home dream home.

Even if you are not satisfied with the inspection you did yourself, you can outsource the inspection to a qualified home inspector to help you out. In this article, you'll find some guides to help you inspect houses for sale in North Haven, CT for buying them. These tips will help you when inspecting a house, and you will be able to avoid future stress and regrets.

Here are some of the things to carefully check out when inspecting houses for sale in North Haven, CT:

The Basement

The basement of the house is one place you must inspect carefully to see if there are signs of moisture issues in the house. You can use your nose to perceive musty odors or damps all through the basement. Take a proper look at the ceiling and floor of the basement if there is evidence of water leakage either from the ceiling or the floor.

Also look for evidence of leaking around the foundation. Check if there are signs of rotting woods in beams that are exposed in the basement, and also check if there are cracks in the walls of the basement. Don’t forget to check the plumbing system in the basement to see if it in a perfect working condition. If there is a crawl space in the house, check to see if there are cracks and moisture in any exposed wood and in the foundation.

The Attic

This is one aspect of the house that will let you know if the house has water leakage issues. If you can, find your way into the attic and examine the area properly. Check if you will find any evidence of damages and water leakage on the walls and ceiling of the attic. Again, your nose will serve as a better detector for musty odors and damp. Also, check to see if there are water damages on the insulation of the attic.

Electrical System of the House

This is a very important aspect of the house that you should not overlook. Find the breaker box or the main fuse box in the house. Check if the box is in perfect working condition and if the box is easy to access. Walk through the entire house and take a look at the number of outlets available in the house, make sure the house has sufficient power outlet to meet your needs. Don’t forget to check out the outlets in the bathroom and kitchen to make sure they are in good shape.


Houses For Sale North Haven Ct

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Houses For Sale North Haven Ct

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