Landlords have to do a lot of things to keep their properties in good shape. But a lot of landlords rent out their homes to make extra money. This means that they have other things to do and maybe even another job. At Landlord Property Maintenance, we help landlords, property management companies, and letting agents take care of the maintenance tasks that come with owning a property.

It is your duty as a landlord to repair or maintain the state of your rented property. Landlord is responsible for ensuring that all heating, water, and electrical systems are reliable and secure. But new rules and legislation are always being introduced. Working with a property care firm, like the group here at Landlord Property Maintenance, is a great option because of this. We can make sure you satisfy all of your landlord’s obligations for the upkeep of the property.

Here are just a few legal obligations you must fulfil as a landlord. Our staff can handle and finish these tasks for you as well.

  • Safety Checks for Gas These must be performed each year. An engineer employed by Gas Sage must conduct the check. We have the authorisation to handle this on your behalf.
  • Inspect Your Electrical Installation At least every five years, you should get an inspection of your electrical installation. The “Part P” registered electrician must do the checks. Once more, our team can assist you with this.
  • Maintenance in general  –The responsibilities that the landlord and tenant have to one another should be set out in your tenancy agreement. You could opt to hire professionals rather than relying on the tenant if the property requires remodelling, new flooring, painting the walls, or something similar. Our experts can offer assistance with this.
  • Calls for Emergencies You’ll receive calls from your tenants in an emergency if you’re a landlord. It’s possible that they got locked out, the boiler is leaking, the heating isn’t working, or something similar. Please give us a call, and we’ll make arrangements with the tenant to solve the problem. You are then free to continue with your day.
  • Providing a Junk-Free Property – It should go without saying. Still, the landlord must ensure the property is clear of any waste or junk before a new tenant moves in, thankfully companies like Jettison Express exist that can take care of all kinds of debris and junk removal.

It’s important to keep in mind that the term “Reasonable Precautions” will be part of your landlord insurance policy. This means that the landlord is required to take all necessary efforts to avoid or reduce any loss, destruction, accident, injury, or property damage.

Taking care of your rental property is in your best financial interest as a landlord. You can get assistance with that from the Landlord Property Maintenance staff. Contact us right away and let us know about the rental property or properties you have in Peterborough. We can schedule these gas and electricity checks for you and mark the dates for the checks. When one of your tenants calls with an emergency, save our phone number in your phone and call us.