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legionella risk assessments – Glasgow, Paisley & Renfrew

We charge the following for legionella risk assessments.

Legionella Risk Assessment – £65+VAT

Legionella Risk Assessment + Portable Appliance (PAT) Testing – £95+VAT

We carry out legionella risk assessments and all our other services across Glasgow, Paisley & Renfrew.

A legionella risk assessment is a non intrusive inspection of the plumbing system in a rented property. It involves checking that the system complies with current plumbing standards and ensuring that hot and cold water temperatures are at the correct levels. Carrying out a risk assessment normally takes between 30-45 minutes per property.

A report is then produced which provides recommendations on works required to reduce the risk from legionella in each property, and contains a control programme to follow to manage the ongoing risk from legionella in the property.

We don’t carry out legionella testing (taking water samples which are then sent to a laboratory) as the Health and Safety Executive have confirmed that this is rarely required in domestic properties.


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